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What is zkFox Auto Farm?

zkFox Auto Farm is an advanced investment tool that employs a specific set of strategies for yield farming. It makes use of automation to continually invest and reinvest deposited funds, achieving high levels of compound interest. By using zkFox Auto Farm to increase your gains, you save thousands of transactions with their associated gas costs and valuable personal time. There is no need to manually harvest and sell rewards, buy more tokens, and continuously reinvest, as Resumption Farm automatically handles all these tasks at a high frequency.

In zkFox Auto Farm, you can earn more of the asset you stake, whether it is a liquidity pool (LP) token or a single asset. For example, when staking ETH-USDC LP in a Resumption Farm, the number of ETH-USDC LP tokens will gradually increase over time, effectively increasing your share in the liquidity pool and thus allowing for more fees and rewards.

Despite the name "Auto Farm" suggesting that funds are locked, user assets are never locked in any farm on zkFox. Users can withdraw their funds from the farm at any time. zkFox does not own the user funds deposited in the farm. However, it is generally best to view Resumption Farm as an investment tool to store funds for the medium to long term in order to take full advantage of the effects of compounding.

When browsing the Auto Farm on the zkFox platform, you will see the annual percentage yield (APY), which takes the frequent compounding into consideration, as opposed to the annual percentage rate (APR) which does not. You will also see the daily interest percentage and the total amount invested in a farm by all users (TVL). Additionally, you can view the underlying platform the farm uses as a source of revenue.

In summary, zkFox Auto Farm can:

  1. Efficiently execute compounding yield farming strategies.

  2. Compound rewards into the initially deposited token amount.

  3. Save operation time.

  4. Save a significant amount of gas fees generated by reinvesting.

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