What is a bank in zkFox?

In the context of zkFox, a bank refers to the decentralized platform where users deposit their funds, serving as the source of capital for lending operations. The availability of deposits in the bank enables the platform to facilitate various leverage-related services. Acting as a decentralized bank, the bank in zkFox is controlled by smart contracts, ensuring that all assets belong to the users. This setup mitigates concerns about the bank disappearing or absconding with users' funds.

Why deposit funds into the zkFox bank?

Depositing funds into the zkFox bank offers several benefits, especially for risk-averse investors. By placing their funds in the bank, users can earn stable returns without worrying about the loss of their principal investment. Furthermore, depositing funds in zkFox not only provides interest income but also potentially grants users access to the platform's token incentives, making it a dual-benefit proposition.

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